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Why Test

In today's fast-paced world, safety and health are vital to everyone.  Testing in the work environment increases productivity and safety.  Individuals can monitor addiction illnesses or protect themselves from false accusations.  

North Alabama Drug Testing will screen for prescription and street drugs, alcohol breath (or blood) concentrations, and nicotine use.  

The goal for a Drug-Free Workplace is 100% compliant behavior. However, testing is conducted under specific circumstances.

Drug Free Work Environment
Pre-employment Screeings
Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment tests are conducted by employers before making offers of employment.  This screening decreases the likelihood of hiring a current substance abuser.  Using the pre-employment screening also may discourage current users from seeking employment in drug free environments.

Random Tests

Many employers enhance the drug-free environment by scheduling random drug tests for employees.  Some confine the random tests to employees in safety sensitive or secure positions.  Random testing is a deterrent to substance use and abuse.  

Industrial Drug Testing
24/7 Available Post Accident Drug Screening
Post-accident Tests

Many employers test following a serious accident or incident on the job.  Most testing is done immediately after the accident.  A company may select to test if there is reasonable suspicion that the employee involved in the accident was under the influence of drugs.  Testing after any accident can be useful for legal or insurance purposes. 

Reasonable Suspicion Tests

Employers use direct observation of employees under suspicion of being under the influence of drugs to determine if that employee should submit to a drug test.  Employers may observe direct use or possession of the drug, a display of physical symptoms of being under the influence, patterns of abnormal behavior, or have a knowledge of arrests or convictions for drug offenses.  

Drug Use on the Job
Drug Screen for Return to Work
Treatment or Return to Duty Tests

Employees returning to work after a drug treatment program are often tested upon immediate return and then at random intervals to ensure the employee is continuing to abstain from the use of drugs.  

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