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Saliva Testing

Saliva testing can be performed at your resquest.  Saliva testing has a shorter window of opportunity to record drug use.  Using saliva for drug screening will only tell you the drugs used with 4-6 hours prior to testing.  This test would be appropriate if you want to know if the employee is fit for duty immediately.  

Saliva specimen collection

DNA testing is now easy and affordable for individuals.  North Alabama Drug Testing can provide DNA testing that is admissible in most courts of law.

Paternity testing determines whether a man could be the biological father of a child.  The results will be an exclusion (no relation of father to child) or an inclusion (father is considered the biological father).  A maternity test would reveal if an adopted child  has been reunited with his/her biological mother.

DNA siblingship test would if determine if two children share one or both parents.  More tests are performed and more costly.  

DNA testing
Nicotine Screening

Companies may now ask employees to state their tobacco use for health insurance purposes.  To determine whether an employee is a non-smoker, they may randomly check for the cotinine, the metabolite of nicotine.  Additionaly, court systems may order nicotine screening in child custody cases to determine compliance.  Nicotine screenings usually involve urine or saliva specimens.  Hair can be used to determine extended use of nicotine.   

Nicotine Screening

Breath Alcohol, ETG Urine Alcohol, PEth Blood Alcohol, Hair Analysis, and Nail Analysis

Fast, on-the-spot measurement of a donor's breath (or blood) alcohol concentration is obtained with results that are sufficently accurate for evidential breath alcohol reading in both traffic law enforcement and industrial safety applications.  Collectors are Breath Alcohol Technician certified to meet federal DOT standards.  

   PEth blood alcohol detects alcohol consumption up to 3 weeks, urinalysis EtG detects consumption 2-3 days prior, and hair analysis detects consumption of alcohol 3 months back.  

Alcohol Abuse
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