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Individual Testing

North Alabama Drug Testing offers drug and DNA testing for individuals.  These tests are conducted with the same fidelity as DOT or industrial stardard collections.  Confirmation for non-negative (positive) drug tests are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).  

The results of drug testing can be critical in the outcome of some legal proceedings.  Not all drug testing methods give accurate results.  The way the drugs are collected and the type of test used can make a difference in these kinds of settings.  

Were you in an accident?  Within an acceptable time frame (ususally whithin 48 hours), you can be tested and protected from false claims in an accident or incident where injury occurred.  

DNA testing can prove or disprove paternity lineage.  Results are delivered to you in a timely fashion.

Please call for an appointment.  Collectors are in and out of the office during the day.  We can accommodate your needs if you call our number.  

Contact North Alabama Drug Testing for more information
256.230.5441                       256.874.4048
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